Mari Kitano – Real Estate VA and Administrative Assistant

mari-kitano-VAHi I’m Mari 🙂

For a brief background, my career as a freelancer today is a product of all that I have learned and experienced through my BPO company. I have 9 years worth of BPO experience tucked under my belt as a Customer Service, Sales Representative and as a Quality Assurance Specialist (6 years).

I have been working as an online freelancer for over 3 years now and have been trained and worked for eCommerce, social media management and property management teams. I have experience with phone, email, chat support and administrative tasks. I have been assigned roles such as Quality Assurance talks, hosting team meetings on quality updates, one on one coaching with agents, certifying training classes, leading internal calibrations, POC for important tasks and creating reports that would help in the analysis of campaign/company performance. I have mari-kitano-with-petexperience in traveling to do special projects for different company campaigns and being an all-in-one VA (from product researching to shipment tracking to front-lining customer service tasks). When it comes to deliberating customer service or quality needs, I am comfortable discussing that with the clients.

I am driven, committed and dedicated to providing expeditious quality output. I work from the heart and will be eager to help out with all your company and client needs. I’m very organised, focused, and have an eye for detail.

I make sure to work with speed without compromising accuracy. I also make sure to maintain a professional attitude towards my clients and colleagues. I believe that everything is possible through good teamwork. The key is setting achievable goals, being patient and trusting the process, sharing ideas and knowledge with the company and being open to continuous learning.

I claim to uniquely stand out from others because I value my clients and recognise that time is money, and integrate that with my exceptional ability to multitask. I am best with time management by establishing my priorities. I have a flexible attitude and approach towards any assignments. Most importantly, I make sure to operate under guidelines.

Thank you for reading my bio.

For a copy of Mari’s resume please click here.