Raymund Aizpuru – Recruitment Specialist

raymund-aizpuru-profileMy name is Raymund Aizpuru, 31 years old and I was born in Cubao Quezon City Philippines. My parents came from the Visayas region and every since I was young, we regularly practiced their local language which is Hiligaynon (another Visayan language particularly in Negros Occidental).

I am now living in Bacolod since my father had a stroke back in 2002. After I finished high school, I moved here to get my college degree. My grandmother’s sister helped me to go to college since my family could not afford my education anymore due to my father’s unfortunate situation.

During those times, I really had no idea what course to take, but of course given the opportunity, I was in no position to demand or choose. I really wanted to take Architecture since I love to draw. I believe I have this talent when it comes to that field but they told me “you won’t earn there”, that I’ll go hungry choosing that career. In other words, I blindly followed them. I took Bachelor of Science in Nursing and was able to finish it, but after that I did not practice my profession. After graduation, I was confused and lost for a bit. I spent time thinking about what to do with my life.

I decided to move out of our house and family compound and kill time as an attendant to one of the biggest computer raymund-aizpuru-vacenters here. I told myself that instead of staying up late at night playing, why not find a way to earn? My father passed away in 2012 after a decade of struggling with his condition.

After a year, I applied as a Trade Execution Coordinator in the distribution and logistics field. My task was to maintain our products display in the supermarkets and handle multiple merchandisers that carry our products. I was a field agent, in other words. Things didn’t go the way I expected and after a couple of months, I finally convinced myself to apply to one of the call centers here. I made it – a new career and new environment to adapt to. It was a tough challenge for me because living independently was no joke, I realised.

I tried to apply in technical support but I landed in the billing department. After my journey there I moved onto a different company. I was able to make it as a technical support agent! It was one of the best experiences I’ve had.
Almost 2 years passed and I realised that I needed a break. I mean all these years I’ve been working graveyard shift and I’d had to deal with the stress and lack of sleep. I thought about my health and the fact that I am not getting any younger. Before I left the company, I slowly invested in buying my desktop computer and its components. My life partner also had the same work like I do but with a different company. We’ve decided to shift career and work at home.

After a while we were both surprised that we were going to have our first child! Maybe it was because we weren’t stressed anymore because of the changed working arrangements. She works as a Social Media Administrator while I was a tutor for an ESL company based in China. We managed to transfer to a bigger place suitable for her pregnancy and for my job since being an online tutor, you need a quiet place to conduct classes.

After a month of teaching, there was an internal hiring opportunity for the human resources department. I applied and fortunately was accepted. For a year I worked as a recruitment specialist and my task was to screen applicants who wanted to apply as part time or full-time tutors.

I conducted the interviews and processed their applications. I then endorsed them to their trainers for training. Pretty hefty job I must say! I felt satisfied and fulfilled since this was way far from the course that I finished at college. I had fun reading people’s minds based on their behaviour. There were quite a few changes in the company that they mandated and I was not really comfortable working there anymore.

So now here I am trying to look for another opportunity especially now that we have our wonderful daughter. I want to continue working at home, to spend most of my time with my family without the risk of getting stranded going to work outside the house. I mean, if you can work at home with your family, why not? Practically that’s a win-win. I don’t really aim for the highest salary. As long as I could provide for them as the head of the family, I’d be happy.

I am confident that I am qualified and I have these qualities that you are looking for. If you can review my resume you will see that I am capable of doing this and match the requirements precisely. My previous work stretched and molded me. I am known to be hard working, keen to details, and a fast learner. I can work under pressure and with less supervision. I have the ability to analyse issues and find solutions. Diligent to work and finishing the job in a timely manner. I am a team player and willing to work and be trained with your team. And most of all, I respect time and punctuality.

To be honest I was hoping to find a job which relates to recruitment like my last job, but it seems there is no job opening for that as for now, that’s why I’ve decided to apply as a part time email support person. Handling calls as much as I want to, will not be productive for me since my daughter is so loud that I could lose my job if ever that’s why if given a chance, I’ll roll my dice for email support. I’d love to gain more experience as this is one way of proving to myself that I’m not a failure anymore… and that I have direction.

I hope you find my short story of my life interesting.

For a copy of Raymund’s resume please click here.