Janice Serifer E. Mendoza – CSR & Chat Support

janice-serifer-mendoza-profileHi there! This is Janice Serifer Mendoza. If you’re wondering about the meaning of my second name (Serifer), it is actually simply a combination of my parents’names, Sergio and Peregrina. I’m a native Cebuano and proud to be born in the Queen City of the South, Cebu City.

The earliest memory I could remember during my childhood was that I love to draw anything on the wall or any kind of paper. Whenever I have crayons or pencils in my hand, I just simply draw and draw. Most of my illustrations were flowers, houses and nature. I am more of the boyish type. My toys were guns, cars and a few paper dolls which I made by myself.

We belong to an indigent family, so most of our belongings were given by our kind-hearted relatives and friends. I am the eldest among 3 siblings and being the eldest, I am expected to be the responsible daughter. At the age of 7, I learned to cook, wash my own clothes, fetch water and clean our house. Our parents had some challenges with regards to our daily needs, especially putting food on the table. As a big sister, I have learned to find my own strategies to help my parents. Being a youngster, I used to work on my friend’s house by helping her sister make local bags to be imported to different countries. Every time I got my biweekly salary, I handed over the money to my mother and I can only imagine the happiness she felt with the smile on her face.

janice-serifer-mendoza-vaOne of those tiresome situations being the eldest is the reality that you are always accountable whenever something happens to your siblings. Nonetheless, I’m still grateful and blessed to have my little brother and sister.

I tried my luck working in a BPO environment even through I graduated as an Industrial Electrician. It was entirely a new set up for me and there’s a lot of things that I needed to learn. I was a Customer Support Agent on a telecom account. The nature of my work was to help customer inquiries regarding their bills, plans and promotions. After 3 years, I was transferred to another department that focuses on the technical aspects, like troubleshooting devices. I also got the chance to assist customers via chat, this time in a different company. Working in a high-pressured company has made a huge impact in my personal growth. It has taught me resilience, optimism and it leveled up my multi-tasking skills. For more than 5 years, it was lots a fun and memorable adventures.

My endeavor didn’t stop there. I got curious about working remotely and I am challenging myself with this new quest. The perks of this type of job is that you get to see your children mess up your house plus you can always hug and kiss them whenever you want to. I’d like to share that last year, I landed a starter job at home as a Flight Quoter. Basically, we send an email to our customers whenever we find discounted prices on business and first class trips. Unfortunately, after 7-8 months of working with them, the company suddenly stopped operating since the sales demand was not that high.

I hope to get a job that will provide mutual benefits to me and the client that I will be working with in the future. I’m still a rookie in this career, yet I strongly believe that my CAN DO character will help me stand out. More over, to my future clients I am more than willing to apply all the traits and abilities I have gain on my previous jobs. I wish to play a certain part in a company’s growth and prosperity.

Thank you for your time and have a blessed day!

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