Jasmin Lea Kuizon – CSR and Data Entry

jasmin-lea-kuizon-vaHi Everyone! My name is Jasmin Kuizon and I am a dedicated freelancer seeking job opportunities online. I have been working as a Data Entry/Analyst since 2006, making it a total of 12 years in a BPO company. I’ve worked in Datamine Corporation and Galilee Business Support Services and Financial institutions like BA (Bank of America), and Continuum Philippines Inc. In my previous working years, I handled different types of documents such as mortgages, emails, letters, notes, contracts etc., analysed and finished them on time for customer’s 100% satisfaction.

I am very skillful with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc. I have also experienced processing documents using software systems like Apply Online, RFS, RPS, ARM, MS Dos Prompt and CRM. I have a high level of accuracy with regards to data entry and the ability to multi-task in a high-volume production environment, meet deadlines and cope with change easily. I believe in hard work, positive attitude, strong team ethics, and honesty. I am always interested in making long term professional relationships with my clients to ensure that every task / project becomes successful.

To introduce myself, I was born in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. I am married to a wonderful husband who is also working in a BPO company and we’re blessed with a 2-year-old son and a 7 months pumpkin still in my tummy. 🙂 I am the youngest and the only girl jasmin-lea-kuizon-bondingin the family of 4 children. My father is a retired public school teacher and he is now working in the Office of the Senior Citizens here in the Philippines, while my mother (deceased) was a retired public-school teacher as well. I have 3 brothers: the eldest has a school service business here in the Philippines, the second is now in heaven, and the third is now living and working in Sydney Australia with his family.

I love to sing, dance, cook, watch movies/tv series and vlog (just new on this by the way).

I graduated from AMA University and took up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I finished my degree back in May 2006 and had my first data entry job after 2 months of searching. After 4 years, the company closed but thank God I found a new job under a Financial Institution. There I learned a lot about being a Data Analyst. I was even recognised and awarded for my quality of work in our department. It was a lot of fun working with this company and of course it’s where I found the man of my life – now my husband! Unfortunately, after 4 years, the business shut down. Again! But one thing that I am proud of myself is that I always look at the brighter side. Giving up is not my thing! 🙂

I landed my third job. At first, I was a Home Loans Settlement Support Officer, then I was trained under the Discharges Team. I was also able to experience training newly-hired employees about our system and SOPs. Truly, there are really a lot of things life has to offer! After 4 years, (No! it didn’t close!) I decided to resign not just because I need to take care of my son, but I also had to rest because my second pregnancy is not that easy to handle. I work far from our home – it’s a 2-3 hours travel time. Imagine!

Now, I still want to learn more, earn money for a living while staying at home and look after after my children. That is why I am now trying to take a chance on a new platform. I know I am new to this Virtual Assistant thing, but I believe that if I were given the chance, I’ll succeed.

I’d be happy to be working with you and share more about me in the future. 🙂

For a copy of Jasmin’s resume please click here.