Rizza Arendaeng

Rizza Arendaeng - Executive Assistant Hello! My name is Rizza Arendaeng, and I've been working as a Professional Virtual Assistant for the past two years. I'm a single mom to a sweet little boy named Lucas. Being a single mother is difficult, and it's easy to feel as if you're fighting alone, it's the hardest part of it, but [...]


Charisse Joy Malaras

Charisse Malaras - Accounting, Customer Service Representative Good day! My name is Charisse Joy Malaras. I have over five years of work experience in customer and admin support. I am a graduate of Management Accounting. I have always been open to learning and giving my best to have a better result in everything I do. I am an experienced [...]


Leonard Julian Abenir

Leonard Julian Abenir - Customer Service Representative Hello, I’m Julian, and let me tell my story. March 2016 when I graduated from the University finishing my bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. I went to Metro Manila to look for opportunities since I originally lived on an island away from the Metro areas. For someone who has first time experience [...]


Bernadette Salvani

Bernadette Salvani - Customer Service Representative My name is Bernadette Salvani. A simple tour of my life: I am the youngest among 7 siblings. I am the one who takes care of my mom and at the same time, a single parent for my 13-year-old daughter. I was a scholar back in college and with the support of the [...]


Ivy David

Ivy David - Financial Planning Admin Assistant, Bookkeeper Hi, My name is Ivy David. I graduated from Holy Angel University last April 2003 with a degree in Finance and Management Accounting. I've been working for almost 18 years in different financial institutions. I spent almost 3 years in NepoMall under the accounting department, almost 8 years in SecurityBank, 2 [...]


Yves Lowell Angeles

Yves Angeles - Property Management Specialist Hi! My name is Yves Lowell. My family and friends call me Yves so it will be awesome if you can do the same. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Unfortunately, due to the challenges we encountered when I graduated, I didn’t have the chance to take the board [...]