Jeff Mike Kevin Javier, CPA – Accountant


I am Jeff. I am a Filipino Certified Public Accountant. I am a career-driven professional, focused on excellence in the areas of financial accounting, taxation, and auditing.

I graduated from college with a degree in accountancy and obtained my professional license in 2012.

I started working in 2013. I have 2 job experiences.

My first job was as an accounting supervisor in a taxi company in Davao City for 1 year and 5 months. I monitored finance and accounting functions such as payroll, procurement, inventory management, collection, and disbursement. I prepared monthly financial statements and presented them to the owner of the company.

My second job was as an account and audit associate in an accounting and auditing firm for 5 years. I provided audit, accounting, and tax compliance services to various companies in different types of industries such as manufacturing, construction, educational institutions, car dealership, and lending institutions.

In auditing engagements, I performed audit planning, substantive, and wrap-up procedures. I examined accounts like cash, receivables, inventories, properties and equipment, payables, equity, and income statement accounts. I also checked the sufficiency of financial statement disclosures. I facilitated meetings with clients, discussed with them the result of our audit, and provided them with recommendations on how to resolve the audit issues.

In accounting and tax compliance engagements, I am the one who makes the journal entries, performs bank reconciliation, prepares the financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement, calculates the withholding taxes, value-added taxes, and income taxes, and files the tax returns. I used Microsoft Excel and offline Quickbooks.

Currently, I am expanding my knowledge by studying how to use online accounting programs such as Quickbooks Online and Xero. I will also be attending seminars and training to get certifications.

I am second among the three of us siblings. My father is an agricultural businessman focusing on producing rice. My mother has no job. My elder brother is an electronic engineer. My younger brother is a food and beverage businessman.

jeff-mike-kevin-javier-outdoorsI am 28 years old, single, and have no plan yet to get married soon, hence, mainly focusing on my career.

I am a goal-oriented, open-minded, calm, team player, flexible, and keen to details type of person.

I have been unemployed since October 2019. I resigned and got out of the city due to the consecutive earthquake incidents here in southern Mindanao. Covid-19 pandemic followed resulting in an extension of my unemployment due to fear of being infected by the virus.

It is timely that a friend, who is working in a BPO company, introduced this type of remote working opportunity to me. With this type of job, I can work without exposing myself to the danger of the calamity and the virus.

I am just new in being a virtual assistant, but I am willing to adjust and learn new things. And I would be grateful if you will be a part of this new chapter of my story.

For a copy of Jeff’s resume please click here.