Joanne Iris S. Domantay – CSR and Human Resource Manager

joanne-domantay-vaHello everyone! I’m Joanne Iris Domantay. You may call me Joanne or Iris.

I am an only child and I could say I was raised by my parents well. I finished a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Development. I also earned units from Graduate School taking up Master of Science in Industrial Psychology.

Happily married with 3 wonderful kids, I also have a great career. I have been an HR practitioner for 17 years, 16 years of which are in the office setting, mostly in BPO companies. I have handled almost all facets in HR – such as an end to end recruitment, employee discipline, employee engagement, organization development, and benefits.

My last employment in the corporate setting takes me 3 hours of travel time from where I reside and honestly, it was very tiring. I worked night shift and had to leave my children without someone to look after them as I and my husband are both working at night. 🙁 This made me realise that this lifestyle was not worth sacrificing our family by leaving my children by themselves. That’s when I decided to work from home.

joanne-domantay-on-vacationLuckily, with God’s help and mercy, I was immediately hired as an Email / Chat Support Specialist providing real-time customer support and administrative work to a client in Dubai, UAE.

I also experienced working as a Chat Text Operator to a client in Hythe, UK, handling messages in a timely and accurate manner. It may not be my career as an HR practitioner, but I enjoy everything as I was able to learn different tasks and hone other skills.

My last online work experience was as an HR Manager / Talent Recruiter serving a client in Portland, Oregon. My client has several online businesses in which I oversee all aspects of Human Resources practices and processes for our virtual workforce and ensure the proper implementation of company strategy and objectives.

I also promote corporate values and enable business success through human resources management, including job design, recruitment, and performance management to name a few. And while working for his company as an HR, I also get to experience to be a Product Lister to his e-commerce business where I get to help the rest of the team to list and upload items to sell in Amazon.

Overall, I enjoy working remotely. I finally get to experience the “real” work life balance and more importantly, I am able to personally take care of my children. I also want to share and incorporate what I have learned in the corporate setting online as I believe it will also help my client or future clients improve their online business as well.

For a copy of Joanne’s resume please click here.