Jonathan Yabut Tamayo – Field Engineer and Social Media Marketing

jonathan-tamayo-vaHi I’m Jonathan Tamayo.

I graduated Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering. I have worked in the TV Station Communications, Telecommunications and Semiconductor industries before I decided to become a Virtual Assistant. Now, I have been working as an executive VA for more than 5 years, which started in July of 2014.

This is the story of my life before I became a VA.

I was working as a Field Service Engineer in the semiconductor industry. My work was tiring as it required me to travel long distances back and forth to wherever the clients would want to meet. I was part-sales and part-technician. We had to ensure we met our client commitments. As a technician, I was tasked to learn the schematics of different machines. We did machine optimisation and preventive maintenance. Yes, the work has its share of excitement, but I was losing a lot of time on the road.

Looking back to 5 years ago, my wife was pregnant with our second child, my now 6 year old daughter. She had pregnancy complications and I was always heartbroken every time I had to leave her for work. Weeks had gone by and I finally had to decide. One weekend, when I came home, I advised my wife that I finally resigned and that I will be looking for an online job.

jonathan-tamayo-in-thailandFrom there, I started as an Admin Assistant, until I worked my way up to being the Executive Assistant. There were a lot of challenges along the way. I was back to square one and I had to learn all these tools and ways to perform tasks easier online.

At this point, my tasks include, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Couponing. I also monitor all the CCTVs in all the stores of my client. I submit a daily report on anything I find fishy or malicious. I send financial reports on all the stores’ daily, weekly, monthly and yearly earnings. I designed the logos of my client’s stores. I also designed the stores’ websites using HTML and Bootstrap. I continue to update these websites based on my client’s requests.

All my hardwork as a Virtual Assistant was from research and the will to do things right. I never stop until I get an approval from the client. I am proud of where I am right now. I am also thankful to be in this kind of environment to be close to my wife and kids… to watch them grow and to always be there to guide and protect them.

For a copy of Jonathan’s resume please click here.