Joshua Alao – Customer Service

joshua-alao-profileHi, how are you? Hope you doing well! Allow me to share my story with you.

My dream is to become one the best Aircraft Mechanics here in the Philippines. I know nothing is impossible because I always believe that I CAN DO IT! But unfortunately, I was not able to achieve that goal due to financial constraints. We could not pay for my tuition and our rent anymore. We didn’t know where to live since my mum left us and my dad passed away when I was just 3 years old.

I needed to sacrifice my dream because I am the eldest son. I decided to work in the BPO industry in 2015. It wasn’t easy at first. I was rejected several times but I never gave up! I kept practicing my communication skills by watching English movies and listening to music. After that, I decided to apply again and luckily, I passed! Awesome right? My first account was AT&T. It was a Telco account but I made it in! I was part of that account for 3 years and was promoted as a Team Leader! After that, I was transferred to an Amazon account. I stayed with that account for 1 year before deciding to work at home as a VA appointment joshua-alao-selfiesetter. I book flights for my client, customer service.

My girlfriend fell pregnant, but sadly, our baby was not able to see our precious world because he lost his heartbeat at 24 weeks. I almost succumbed to depression because I didn’t know what to do! But I told myself to never give up! I had to get back on my feet because we had bills to pay. I had to move on. I decided to apply to a different company who offered me a good salary. The account I handled was eBay and I was part of the leadership team.

I eventually decided to resign not because of the people around me or because I could not do the tasks assigned to me. The reason why I resigned was because I decided to start my own business, “Chicken Choice”. Now that my business is stable, my plan is to work from home again due to its convenience and as an added income.

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