Kris Leigh D. Melendres – Lead Generation

kris-leigh-melendres-profileHi my name is Kris Leigh Melendres. You can call me Skye because everyone on social media knows me by that name. I have been using that alias since I was 12 years old. I do not know where I got it from or why I am using it. It just popped in my mind when I thought about using an alias during the Friendster and MySpace era and I have been using it ever since!

I was born and raised in Mindanao, Tagum City to be exact. It is an hour away from Davao City. I spent my primary education at Saint Mary’s College, my secondary at Letran De Davao High School and my tertiary education at Ateneo De Davao and STI college. After that I first considered resting for a while but I found myself intrigued by the BPO industry. My first job was Email Support and Chat Support for a local call center located in our City. It was a 3 year introduction for me working in Customer Support. My primary Job was to assist clients with their inquiries regarding products, accounts and social media.

After that I moved on to the nearby City and worked for 2 years as a Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Agent (non voice account) for a large company. My job there was to find leads and possible prospects from different online kris-leigh-melendres-vacationportals, but mainly on social media platforms. I present to them who we are and what we do. If they are interested, then i will give them further information or pass them onto the right person. I also learned from this position skills that I am still using now. These skills are Web Profiling, List Building, Data Mining, Data Scraping and intensive online research. I was also able to gain knowledge on social media and email marketing. I can say that I was good at what I was doing because I have been awarded several times for reaching my quota weekly and monthly.

After working in the BPO industry, I decided to take a break for a few months and then suddenly I found myself working in Abudhabi, UAE as an Indoor Showroom Sales. My job was to assist incoming clients daily. I was also in charge of meeting with clients and taking orders from them personally or via phone or email, giving out quotations and also updating their account online.

I was also in charge of finding new clients online or sometimes via phone.

I was able to work for them for 2 years and after that I decided to come back to the Philippines. My cousin told me that I should try working online as a freelancer instead of going abroad. He told me to try these websites and submit my profile in the hopes of landing a permanent job which is also the same as my previous job but the only difference being that I don’t need to go back abroad!
And so here I am. 🙂

Thank you for reading this long post about me.

For a copy of Kris Leigh’s resume please click here.