Krizia Marie F. Bravo – Customer Relations Specialist

kryzia-bravo-portaitHi, I am Krizia Marie F. Bravo, but you can call me Kim for short. I am 30 years old, married with no kids.

I’m the only child of my parents… which wasn’t always easy growing because sometimes you have to be on your own, unlike when you have siblings you have someone to play with and bounce ideas off. But as I grew up, I made friends and learned different things from different people along the way. I learned that each person has different attitude and personalities.

Moving on, as I have mentioned I am happily married to a loving husband. We’ve been together for 13 years now. We plan on having a baby soon – all in god’s time. My husband and I share the same interest and passions – like going out of town, cars, surfing and… really everything! Our common interests have made our bond strong, and the memories we’ve made over the years knit us even closer together… and of course we have our love.

Work-wise, what do I do now? I work as a leasing supervisor in one of the leading companies here in our country. Most of my work experience has been in banking, but generally, administration and office work are what I am most talented at.

I have a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, but it hasn’t really contributed to my current career. If I had my time over, I would study financial management.

I hope my story has given you some insight into who I am.

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