Louise Mae Oclarit – Customer Service

louise-mae-oclarit-formalHello there!

I would like to formally introduce myself. My name is Louise Mae Bernadette G. Oclarit, but you can call me Mai-Mai or Loi and I am a Filipina woman who has a strong work ethic. I am currently studying at the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines as a 4th-year Information Technology student, and I currently work on research together with my groupmates. We already have a client for our research, but because of the pandemic that we are experiencing right now, students are not allowed to go to school, and most businesses are closed. It’s a bit challenging, but we are determined to continue with our research. We contacted our client and asked for his understanding and luckily for us, he did. Right now we are preparing for our online defense any day this month.

My journey as an Information Technology student is tough, just like everyone else. You’re questioning yourself if you are going on the right path and that is why I applied for a job in a BPO company here in the area as a Technical Support Representative while being an IT student at the same time to discover what I am capable of. For me, the training is hard because I have to adjust my body clock but all of my tears and hard work are worth it. As a result, I made it onto the production floor with good performance. I louise-mae-oclarit-varesigned after four months because my mum was very ill back then. She’s back in shape now and I thank God for hearing my prayers.

I really love listening to music but mostly Korean pop and western songs, making song and dance covers and uploading them on YouTube, reading horror, thrill and mystery kind of books, and articles about the moon and the galaxy, watching real crime documentaries, and helping others with everything that I can, especially at work. I developed confidence, resilience, and strong work ethic at my previous job and I will be forever grateful for that.

While being a working student, I realised what I really wanted in life, what is my purpose and that is helping other people. If I had the opportunity to work for your company, I will be able to acquire additional skills and meet people that will help me become a better person and be more sympathetic and empathetic in life. I may not have enough experience in this field but I will try my best to exceed your expectations and give the best results.

I’m looking forward to helping you succeed in your goals at the same time making it easy for you.

For a copy of Louise’s resume please click here.