Lulette Masellones Navarro – Customer Relations Specialist

lulette-navarro-vaHi everyone, Lulette here!

I am a graduate of Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. I wasn’t able to pursue the career that I studied four years for because I fell pregnant after graduation. Sadly, due to an unfortunate condition, we lost our first child during my labour. No words can ever describe how painful it was during that time. But with the help of my family, my other half, and friends, I was able to overcome the heartbreak during that phase of my life. I learned to value the people around me and believed that God’s plan was always greater than mine.

Just a year after I fell pregnant with my first daughter I was able to see how motherhood changed me into… well… a person of strength and determination… you could say – a mother. 🙂

Everything was going well for us; I was working and my other half was taking good care of my daughter. I can say it was a sumptuous momentum for us, as a family, But another downfall occurred… my father became ill and my mother lost her job. These events changed our lives – spinning us around at three hundred and sixty degrees! I became the sole breadwinner as there was no one else who could help us.

We decided to move back into our parent’s rented house, in order to reduce the monthly expenses. For a number of years we struggled. I couldn’t have the things I needed and I couldn’t provide my daughter with what she desired. I was constantly in a state of ‘if I spend this amount what might happen next that we need that money for?’ I had so much on my plate!

But I held onto my faith that God always has a better plan for me, that there will always a rainbow after the rain, and prayer is my most powerful weapon. And even in the midst of hardship, life’s challenges didn’t stop me from chasing my dreams and goals. I stayed positive and believed that there is perfect timing for everything.

In 2017, I was blessed to have another baby girl and was promoted at work twice in the same year. That was when everything began to fall into place. Apart from the promotions, I had the opportunity to earn on the weekends as a Virtual Assistant until it became my full time job and I was trusted to handle several projects.

Yes, I am proud to say that I am a workaholic mother… but I am also grateful to say that I have been able to balance my work and private life. I was able to manage my time being a Quality Analyst in a BPO setting and a Virtual Assist at home. Not to mention that I am also a mother, a partner, and a daughter which I still get to enjoy.

I believe that I will be a valuable addition to your team. I know that with my perseverance, patience, and dedication there’s no hard tasks that can make me falter. No matter how challenging, with my mind, heart, and soul I will always find a way to resolve it. And that is my key to success. 🙂

For a copy of Lulette’s resume please click here.