Makungu Miriam Idambo – CSR and Marketing Assistant

miriam-makungu-marketing-assistantHi! Here’s my story, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

During the month of love (February) several years back, a bouncing baby girl was born. I guess the reason people say I’m so lovable is because that girl was me and I was born when love was really in the air!

I have lots of childhood memories that tend to make me feel nostalgic. I was brought up in a cheerful and loving family. We can literally bring the house down with our laughter!!! If you want to know if I’m around just listen out for my hearty laughter!!!

Now let’s go back to my schooling days… I never liked school days because of the need to wake up early, because I would often stay up late in the evenings watching TV. This earned me more than a few strokes of the cane!!! I was one of this kids with parents who didn’t believe in the proverb: spare the rod and spoil the child! But once I got to school I was so full of energy and enthusiasm, especially during science and mathematical subjects. My co-curricular activity was singing. By the way I still sing today, either for the cooperative or church.

I always looked forward to school holidays (what kid doesn’t???) when we would meet up with our cousins and play all sorts of games. Again remembering these moment puts me in a nostalgic mood. Some of us found our niche in life through these childhood games – like plaiting, culinary arts, marketing and even aspects of being responsible parents. Though we didn’t have sophisticated playing tools like today, the space made us who we are today.

Fast forward… I performed well in junior school and was admitted into a boarding school for senior (High) school studies. This was the first time I was going to be away from my family for a long time. I had mixed reactions to it. Whereby I was certain I would feel homesick, but when I thought of being with my peers from so many different backgrounds I would become excited. In my country, Kenya, by the time one joins high school they are usually adolescents… so I think you can understand the hype that comes with this stage in life.

I had an amazing time in the school and have wonderful memories of my life back then. I made bosom buddies, and it shaped my life in various ways. The teachers were so helpful and admirable mentors. We used to have a slogan of being all round citizens. I graduated with flying colours which enabled me to secure a chance of a spot in a public university (a coveted chance here), polished my skills in singing, and also discovered I am an extrovert!!! LOL

University taught me a lot. As young adult I gained a sense of responsibility in all spheres: financially, socially, academically , spiritually and relationship-wise. It’s because no one is around to police you. If you engage in something stupid, it’s at your own peril. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Mathematics and Chemistry. Many people ask me how I managed to survive those tough mathematics units, and I usually answer that it’s all about interest and determination.

After my graduation I was so full of hope about venturing into a science based profession, but that did not turn out to be. I landed my first job as a marketer which I left, opting for a customer service role instead. Working in customer service has truly shaped my career and taught me so much more than what I learned while in school. It helped me discover my auxiliary talents of writing, using humour to communicate, being friendly, being an avid reader… and much more. Professionally, I’m a go-getter, strive to surpass set targets, and propagate customer centric culture whenever I go. I love technology and I usually explore various techniques that comes with digital work.

As I venture into the virtual world, I hope and pray that I will create an impact on the people that I will work with. This world is small and one should strive to make it a better place than you found it. The people that you impact positively today might be the ones to give you a shoulder to lean on tomorrow.

Yours truly! Miriam Makungu 🙂

For a copy of Makungu’s resume please click here.