Maricar Requilman – Administrative Assistant

maricar-requilman-profileHey there!

Thank you for checking out my story. Back in early 2017, I decided to enter the world of working at home when I needed to take care of my then newborn baby. It was a tough decision as I stayed in my corporate job for 5 years, and I just got the promotion I’d worked hard for. It was a furniture store and I started as a cashier, then after a year, I handled the inventory management. Then, I was given a chance to undergo training to become a store officer in charge. And passed it!

Moving forward, at first, I’ve hesitated if I can have a paying job while working at home. And I even doubted myself because most of the work from home opportunities require experience in BPO or as a freelancer. But I didn’t give up! I have the motivation, eagerness, attitude, and the character that I know I can do it. That’s where I got into content writing, though it’s not paying much, I proved to myself that I CAN! From there, I worked hard, learned new skills, tools, and having lots of patience I came to fully understand and succeed as a working from home mum.

I got my long-term client back in 2018 and I am still working a few tasks for her once in a while. I’m so grateful that even though I didn’t have much experience at that time, she gave me a chance and trusted that I had what it takes to become her virtual assistant. Her hiring process was not that easy, and it will test the applicant’s patience, ability to follow instructions, being techy, detail-oriented, and the extra effort to comply and give the best to what the job description is looking for.

My tasks mostly for her includes research (literally anything from top podcasts, books in amazon, events nearby, top free job sites, top free vacation rental sites, maricar-requilman-koreanetc.), job posting, apartment and vacation house rentals, and other administrative tasks. She also taught me how to do market and avatar research using a simple technique. Because of her, I can call myself as “Jane of All Trades” as I experienced most of the tech today because of my exposure while doing a task. Tools and apps like Asana, Active Campaign, Amazon kindle, Google Suite (Docs, Sheet, Slides, Forms, Drive, Calendar), Zoom, and still exploring other apps to give more value not only for her but also for my future clients. Some of the tech skills I’m studying today are the Clickfunnels, WordPress, and Excel formulas.

One thing I’ve learned in this field is its unending learning. You can’t be complacent with what you know right now. You should always have the willingness to learn new skills, tools, and apps. As technology keeps on growing, you should too.

Looking forward to growing with you in the future, and see you at the top!

For a copy of Maricar’s resume please click here.