Marie Gean Talde Culler – Accounting Administration

marie-gean-culler-formalHi! My name is Marie Gean Culler, Filipina, from Cavite, Philippines.

I’m a proud fur mom of 8 dogs, named Tatum, Taylor, Kobe (Belgian Malinois), Toffie (Beagle) B1, B2, Jaclerd (mixed breed) and Travis (Siberian Husky). They take my stress away and make me happy everyday. I’m not a sociable person. I just love to stay at home, take care of my dogs, checking what’s on social media and cleaning the house. Work from home is very suitable for me. I’m dedicated when it comes to work; I always want to finish my tasks on time, as I am not comfortable doing other things unless my tasks are done. I have always been focused in everything I do.

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration major in Management Accounting at Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite. I worked as an Accounts Payable assistant for 2 years in a corporate office. My job was very easy for me, but working 9½ hours plus 4 hours travel time vice versa was very tiring and time-consuming, so I decided to quit my job.

Months after looking for a job, I heard from a friend about working online, so I tried it and was luckily hired immediately. marie-geam-culler-vacationI learned quickly on how to cope up with the virtual world and decided to make this a long-term career. Working from home provides me with flexible hours. I can make more time with my family, with my dogs and my loved ones.

As a Virtual Assistant, I’m proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I also have experience in using Oracle and SAP accounting system. I’m hardworking, fast-learner, focused, reliable and can work with less supervision. I’m an experienced Data Encoder, Job Scraper and Researcher so I’m confident with all the skills and knowledge I have, but I am still willing to learn more things in the virtual world.

My goals in life are to have my own happy and secured family, to help my parents have a stable life, good health and more time to serve GOD. I know that choosing this career would help me to attain all these goals in my life.

And that’s it! Looking forward to hear from you! And I’m excited to help and serve you 🙂

For a copy of Marie’s resume please click here.