Mark Isaac D. Ison – Reporting Analyst & Financial Advisor

mark-isaac-ison-profileI would like to start by introducing myself. My name is Mark Isaac Ison but my friends call me Macky.

I am currently working, and have been in a BPO industry for 3 years now and I am also a licensed financial advisor of a well-known insurance company.

My hobbies are entertainment and online gaming. I used to spend half of my day playing role playing games until I became an adult.

I graduated in 2017 having a degree in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. I am also a civil service exam passer and I took it when I graduated but I did not get a chance to work in a government institution.

I started my career after graduation as a Customer Service Representative and was fortunately promoted as a Reporting Analyst. I am trained in creating internal reports and dashboards that needs to be sent to clients for their business reviews. I stayed in my post for a year until I decided to choose a different path as I need to support my two siblings who are currently studying in private schools. Being one of the breadwinners of the family put a weight on my shoulders that I need to support the needs and wants of the family. It may be a tough job but I know that everything is worth it.

I always make sure that I put my best foot forward in all of my tasks. I am a service-oriented, patient, determined, and hardworking individual. I always want to obtain a position in the company which offers a professional working environment and enables me to grow while meeting the company’s goals. I’m a believer that being a hardworking person will merit success. Success not only for one’s work but success as an individual. Having a positive attitude towards work will have good end results. I strive to be as collaborative as possible. I firmly believe that having good relationship with our colleagues will make our job easier and more meaningful.

I look forward to learn more and enhance what skills I already have for this post.

For a copy of Mark’s resume please click here.