Christian Jorge Oroc – CSR, Cold Calling, Data Entry & Transcriber


My name is Christian Jorge Oroc, but you can call me Ian. But most of the time all my friends would just call me by my last name.

I was born in Bacoor Cavite and lived there for 13 years then transferred to the Visayas area. I stayed and worked at this place right up to today. Transition was not that easy as Cavite uses Tagalog and different dialects in the Visayas area they used Cebuano. But as time has gone by everything is running smoothly and I’m having fun.

I am a foster child in my family and I am the youngest of all. I have 5 sisters with that family and a few nephews already from them. But they raised me as there own child and I appreciate it. I can say I’m very lucky.

I’d like to mention as well that I love dogs! I am raising 3 dogs: one Pug and two mini pinschers.

Enough about me – let us look at my job experience.

christian-oroc-bondingI have 5 years of experience as Call Center Agent for BPO companies here in the Visayas area. I have experience in different lines of services and products that caters to Customer Service, Technical Support and Sales.

I just recently transitioned myself into the freelancing arena. In fact, I just started in September of 2019. Luckily I got my first client as a Virtual Assistant – but with on-call status. I have learned a lot through this position already in a small amount of time. Especially with regards to time management and balance of work! I’ve been doing remote access through Team Viewer to my client’s computer. I go through his Google Calendar, letting him know what needs to be done for the day and reminding him even though I am not working with him at any given time. I am very particular about reminding him about the important events. I check his Verizon message for any new messages, check emails, update his Trello and Miro, and transfer settlements data through Google Sheet to Google Drive.

I’m a fun person to be around, and I am ambitious. I am very easy to train, willing to learn and easy to talk to. I am eager to learn a new set of skills.

For a copy of Christian’s resume please click here.