Leoj Laurence Villamor Dominguez – CSR & Recruitment Associate

leoj-laurence-dominguez-profileI can say that I can provide you with very satisfactory results when it comes to remote jobs. I am reliable and efficient. I do have the knowledge and experience as well.

I am writing this story to tell you how awesome it is to work remotely. My name is Leoj and I have been working from home for several years now. The reason why I have decided to work remotely is to give time to my family, especially my daughter who was born at the time I decided to work from home.

At first, it was all symbols and numbers for me, I had no idea of what I had gotten myself into… but as weeks of researching and training passed, I composed myself to adapt and be a professional virtual assistant.

Since it was my dream job to be a recruitment specialist, I have focused my trainings on this sector. Luckily I landed my first job as a recruitment associate for one of the companies I applied to. The learning never stopped! Even when I was working as a recruiter, I have studied the field of being a personal virtual assistant.

leoj-laurence-dominguez-partyAfter my recruitment job ended, I landed a position as a personal assistant for a CEO in New York City. I mostly handle his schedule, his meetings and even planned his travel arrangements.

Fortunately, I was able to find myself enjoying these things that I am doing and that made me grow as a professional and as a person. Not only was I able to do the things I like, but also able to provide for the needs of my family as well as spend precious time with them.

I believe that time is the most valuable thing that we can give to our loved ones. And because of the Virtual Assistance field I am proud to say that I have all the time in the world to provide to my family.

For a copy of Leoj’s resume please click here.