Mary Janzyl Antolin – Teacher, Marketing and Graphic Artist

maz-antolin-profileHi, I’m Maz. I am a graphics designer and watercolour artist. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always known that I have an artistic bones. 🙂 Colours and patterns amused me. And I can spend hours and hours doodling on walls and paper. I was the artistic kid known in the neighbourhood.

My parents thankfully saw my little talent and helped me turn it to a passion of a lifetime. They provided me with the necessary tools to create art and the support I needed to be confident in my creations, even as a little child.

I took Interior Design in college to pursue my designer dreams and to help my mother with our lampshade business. Although interior design was majorly about drafting and design, I attended minor courses in visual techniques, graphic design and watercolour illustrations which enhanced my traditional art skills even more.

I took my first mural job at the age of 19. After that project’s success, I decided that I could send myself to school through painting murals and portraits. My biggest break was when I was hired to paint a whole restaurant in Makati, Philippines. I literally painted the whole restaurant, from walls and ceilings, to chairs and tables, and to trays and cabinets. Alongside these major successes were my graphic design commissions. I was painting walls and watercolour portraits while designing business cards and invitations at the same time.

maz-antolin-photoshootMy first office work was in Europarts PH where I was exposed to a larger network in graphics and marketing. I spent a year in the office. This same year, I self-studied modern calligraphy. I was crazy in love with letters and their ever-changing forms.

After my office experience, I went back to freelancing. I felt like a fireball this time. I felt like there was nothing in art that I could not do, and I had a large network of potential clients already. I was painting walls, doing watercolour illustrations, designing wedding invitations, creating graphic posters, etc. I was earning more than I expected.

I had a life that I truly enjoyed but I felt like something was missing.

Finally, after years of enjoying and focusing on myself, I decided to serve a full-time mission in February 2016. I spent 18 months away from my family (with very limited communication) to serve the people in the northern part of the Philippines. In my mission I learned to serve the people with my talent and skills. I learned that there is so much more that I can become if I only serve those around me. Skills – I could learn them anytime, but who I was as a person was something else. I developed integrity, communication, and reliability. I am beyond grateful that I served my mission.

Needless to say, my mission changed me. I now have a clear direction for my artistic pursuits. It inspired me to have my own family. After all, family was what really mattered the most to me. I got married and started building my own family where I am most motivated to do art. Just recently, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named August. She is everything.

Family is the reason why I transitioned to a home-based job. I know I can render the best of my work in an environment where I can feel inspired the most. And what better way to be inspired than be home with your family.

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