Marie Franz M. Manguerra – Image Annotator and Transcriber

marie-franz-manguerra-formalHello ! My name is Marie Franz Manguerra, born and raised in the Philippines.

I graduated with an Associate Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Over the past few years, I have worked in different fields, completely far from what I studied; Administrative, Teaching, Marketing and Customer Service positions. I have had the courage to work in different fields because I always keep in mind that everything can be learned and most of the wonderful experiences always happen out of our comfort zone… plus I don’t want to be stuck with just one knowledge and ability.

I have acquired most of my work experiences outside the Philippines, since I also have a passion for travelling, meeting new people and experiencing other cultures.

Prior to working abroad, my first long term job was in a Korean Power Plant company in the Philippines as Administrative Assistant cum Receptionist. Then I spent a year in the hospitality industry. And eventually pursued a career abroad.

I left the Philippines and worked in Thailand for more than 3 years as an ESL teacher for high school students and as Marketing Consultant for a plastic surgery clinic in Bangkok.

marie-franz-mangerra-vacationI have also traveled to Europe, enrolled myself in a German language course for 3 months while also trying my luck at getting a job, but unfortunately, most of the jobs required fluency of the language. But that did not put me down, rather, it helped me to dream and do more to succeed.

When I got back to the Philippines, I worked in the BPO industry as a Customer Service Representative for a US Comcast Company for 1 year. This experience was absolutely worth my time and effort and had a huge impact on my personality and my skills.

I also had my very first freelancing job recently which was project-based and lasted for a month. I worked as a Data Image Annotator and Transcriber for LionBridge company. I am still thankful for getting this kind of job because I gained more knowledge and skills that I can show off anytime.

So, while having not much experience working outside the corporate world or working from home, I believe my fast learning skills will contribute a lot for me to be successful in venturing into this new field. My communication skills, organisational ability and attention to details are assets that I have been able to master when working in different fields and with different people. And by this, I believe, you would find me to be an asset to your company.

For a copy of Marie’s resume please click here.