MD. Imran Shakil – Sales Management and Administration

imran-shakil-workingHi there! I’m Imran Shakil. My family and friends call me Shakil.

I studied at the National University of Bangladesh and I am a post graduate of Business Studies or MBS, Major in Management. Although I understood the fact that my major subject doesn’t really fit in anywhere specifically, but does actually cover a lot of area if it is used properly. So I try to use the knowledge gained from my studies as much as possible in my work environment. I always try to organise things at my work station. As a result of being from a middle class family of a third world country I had limitations with my reach. I learned most of the things I know from my previous jobs and will to learn more things on the job.

My first job was in the hospitality sector at a resort as an Assistant Accountant where I used to look after the F&D inventory section which was not entirely related to my degree. But I loved it because I had to start from the beginning and establish a system there. The day to day inventory of Incoming and Outgoing was in control all the time. There I learned to become proficient with MS Excel, when before that I didn’t know anything about that software application! I kept my inventory data in simple MS Excel sheet where all day to day Incoming and Outgoing was entered and month end reports could be found at the end. I worked there for a year before I had a family problem and had to leave the job.

imran-shakil-profileAfter being unemployed for a year I got a job at an outsourcing firm which was a UK based firm that a had work station in Sylhet City, Bangladesh. I worked there as a Virtual Assistant for two years. Mainly I worked with a US dating website from California, which was quite popular at that time. I was a moderator for users on that site. I looked for violations users made and notified them (mostly through Social Media platforms like Facebook or Twitter).

I learned about using different search engines for research and transferring data using MS Office applications (like Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and also using Gmail and MS Outlook for Email management was an interesting point for me. I had to speak in English which was quite difficult for a person in Bangladesh because we don’t speak English till it’s absolutely necessary. Fortunately, I had familiarity with the English language through Cricket match commentaries and Hollywood movies. This made it easy to listen. Reading and writing English came from my formal education, but speaking English I mastered from my job at that BPO firm. We communicated in English all the time. At the end of my second year the firm decided to shut down the project and I was let go. It was a hard time for me, I had to set about finding work elsewhere…

I got a job in a national distribution company for Samsung Mobile in Bangladesh where I was appointed as an executive of local distribution in Sylhet territory. My core responsibility covered three things…

First, controlling the warehouse of Mobile Devices (purchase, receive, stock keeping, sorting, warehousing, inventory controlling, delivering to retails, and POS material maintenance). Second, being a Sales-MIS (sales reporting, sales coordinating, managing sales team, submitting daily report of days’ activity). Third, administration tasks (office management, documentations, and logistic support to sales team). There I had to work a lot in MS Office applications like Excel, Word and PowerPoint. I got the opportunity to learn Distribution Management System or DMS software and Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP portal system during my time there. I learned many things about Excel because all my reports were in Excel. I became better with organising, communication both internal and external, inventory management, documentation, reporting, coordination, office administration and logistic support.

I am driven, committed and dedicated to work. I am also reliable, a hard-worker and pro-active. I am organised and have good attention for details.

I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, watching movies, going on trips or travel to other places if possible.

I’m looking forward to working with you. I’ll be more than happy to be your VA!


For a copy of Imran’s resume please click here.