Melanie Grace Q. Puno – Administrative Assistant

melanie-quintillan-puno-vaHi my name is Melanie Grace Puno – you can call me Lanie.

I am 22 years old. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management in 2016.

While I don’t currently have any work experience as a Virtual Assistant, I am willing to learn and work hard. I am looking for a platform where I can explore my strengths and grow successfully.

I am eager to work full-time because I wish to repay all the sacrifices my grandmother made, as she took care of, and supported me financially through my studies all the way from kindergarten.

As I grew up with the guidance of my grandmother, I learned how to be responsible, the art of understanding others, having patience to analyse each situation and how to solve the problem carefully.

I am willing to grow, and I have the ability to accept and learn from criticism. I believe being corrected is a way of improving yourself. It gives you the opportunity to become a better version of yourself and grow successfully. Then you are able to help and be a good influence to others.

For a copy of Melanie’s resume please click here.