Christopher Sulit – CSR, E-Commerce and Marketing Specialist

christopher-sulit-at-workFirst and foremost, my name is Christopher or as what people call me, Chris. My parents, close friends and some people that I grew up with call me “A” which came from my second name, Augusto. It’s kind of funny being given such a name when my birth month is January!

I have worked in different positions ranging from Customer Services (email and voice), Technical Support and Sales for both B2C and B2B as a front liner, Management Support and the Training team. I also have managed E-commerce teams providing Marketing Campaigns for Amazon and E-bay as well as Architectural teams for providing drafting and 3D services.

I actually took Business Administration major in Management way back in College here in Davao but I also have a background in Architecture. After I completed my studies, I planned to go to Manila with just a backpack, and venture through the big City. Back then, I never really thought that I would work in the kind of industry that I’m in (let alone grow within it!) as English was not really my favourite subject. Though, I think people change. We often tend to like those things that we didn’t when we were young. And I can say that I’ve learned and managed to climb up the ladder and prove my worth in the industry.

christopher-sulit-vaIn my spare time, I write songs or list down a few lines anytime something pops into my head. I have joined some of the prestigious competitions here in our country but sadly I haven’t been able to bring home the bacon yet! I do play some instruments like guitar, bass and a little on keys, but I wasn’t that blessed to have a voice that can melt a woman’s heart. It rains hard when I start singing, I now believe in the saying that “you can’t have it all”. 😀

I also play table tennis and was lucky enough to be part of the Varsity team in my early years. I have recently started to love dogs as my partner adores them. However, I must admit they do become a competition when it comes to catching her attention! When a cute dog is around – I almost cease to exist! LOL I also enjoy going to the beach to unwind and take in some fresh air.

When it comes to stress and pressure, I know I can deal with it. I’ve come to a point in my life where my patience and ‘mettle’ have been tested and I’ve come through successively each time. As I grow older, I will make dedicating time to myself as well as the people that I love a bigger priority. This will help me to achieve a work-life balance and avoid getting burned out.

With a total of 13 years work experience in some of the most prestigious BPO Companies here in the Philippines, I’m sure to bring with me and apply all the best practices that I have learned to your organisation – and of course, I am still eager to improve and learn new things!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and I hope to be part of your team.

For a copy of Christopher’s resume please click here.