Michael Joseph Eusebio – CSR/TSR

michael-joseph-eusebio-profileHi! You can call me Mijo for short.

I’m a graduate of Commerce with a major in Agribusiness Management in one of the Universities here in Bacolod City. I have an almost 8 years of work experience in the BPO industry. It was supposed be just an experience but went on to become as a source of income.

I started out as as a Customer Service Representative for Motorola. Yes, those flip phones that would make you look cool back in the day when Nokia was already well known. I talked to customers who needed help on how to use their mobile phones and bluetooth headsets. In addition, I also helped them process the replacement of their units. I worked there for 3 years. My 2nd account was with Time Warner Cable as a Technical Support Representative. This time I handled troubleshooting the customer’s internet service and email. After some years, we were moved to a different division that handled Billing, Sales and Repair.

During these years being in the BPO industry, I have acquired the skill to multitask while being able to assist and address customers concerns. One of the valuable lessons I learned working in customer service was to empathise with your customers. It is an effective way to connect with people who are in need of assistance, not just in our work but in real life. This kind of skill is useful in my opinion, with the fact that some customers may seek for help with regards to the services our company offers. Offering a sincere empathy towards them allows us to hit two birds with one stone. We can’t deny that there are customers who need more than just instructions but also, assurance that things can be figured out somehow.

Being a team player is also an advantage. Since being part of a team, each one is expected to lend a hand. A team wouldn’t be successful if only one person is doing it. Providing the best customer service is my strength aside from my family of course. Not being able to resolve a customer’s issue makes me anxious and linger on the issue even when I’m already home, that’s why I always make it a point to resolve it. I have a habit of making sure everything is taken cared of before we end the call. Learning never ends even if you’re already successful.

Working from home would be a great experience for me and would also help me be with my family at the same time.

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