Mignone Brechin – Administrative Assistant

mignone-brechin-portraitMy name is Mignone, but most people call me Minnie.

I am 27 years old, the youngest of three siblings and I live in Central Queensland.

Growing up I was what is known as a “defence brat”. My father worked in the Airforce and my family would move around when he was posted. I love this style of growing up. It gave me that passion I still carry with me today to go and see different places in Australia and abroad.

Although my parents are separated I grew up in a very happy household and my parents remained good friends which gave me the outlook on life that even in hardship people can work together and leave any animosity at the door.

My Mother has always been someone with enough drive and passion to go after everything she has ever wanted and I feel I was lucky enough to take this trait with me in my own life and adventures.

I graduated year 12 in 2009. I absolutely loved school and learning. Each year I make sure I have learnt something new
for experience, skills and my own enjoyment.

mignone-brechin-loungingWhen I am not working I am at the gym, painting, hanging with my partner and our fur babies. It’s a little cliche but I have such wanderlust. I desperately want to see everything, every different culture, site, sound and city. I think travel aids in personal growth and learning and I don’t think I will ever be any different.

I studied Bachelor of Digital Media at Central Queensland University. By doing this I have obtained skills in web design, graphic design, social media marketing, digital film and audio, coding and more.

Outside of my studies, I have also had previous VA positions. My first was within the legal field and I was responsible for emails, typing dictation, diary management, writing precedents for the solicitor and web design.

My most recent VA position took me further into the social media marketing. Within this role I was responsible for social platforms, photography for the store, web design, online orders, emails and more.

I love this work! What is most rewarding to me is watching someone’s business grow and become stronger through
marketing strategies and hard work. I am excited, determined and passionate and that’s why I love being a VA.

I look forward to working with you in the future,

For a copy of Mignone’s resume please click here.