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Emma Fe E. Royo

Emma Fe Royo - TSR and ESL Teacher Hi! I am Emma Fe Royo. I am the youngest among eight children. I have very hardworking parents that raised us with so much to learn from life and to be grateful for what we have and be happy for what others may have. I am the only one in the [...]


Alyssa Roxanne Tuangco

Alyssa Roxanne Tuangco - Graphic Artist and Videographer Hi, I'm Alyssa! Born October 10, 1991 to two talented parents, I am an only child. I was raised alone by my mum while my father worked abroad to provide a great future. What I am today was because of how I was raised and I thank my parents for that. [...]


Anna Karina P. Salutan

I am a graduate Bachelor of Science in Development Communication and I have been an online English Tutor for a while… so you can be confident that my English skills are impeccable. I can assist you with Brand Management, marketing, event planning, public relations, sales, social media management and even fundraising. I also have experience coaching team members and monitoring job performance. I love to learn and would also love to make your life easier.


Kristel Dianne N. Arce

I am an Administrator, Customer Service Representative and Sales Agent. I have worked in a wide variety of environments from billings in print media through to customer care in the hotel industry. I have handled sales, billing complaints and even performed tech support for customers in the IT industry. You’ll find me dynamic, resourceful, and more than capable of building strong relationships with clients and helping you to achieve your organisational goals.

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