Miguel C. Concepcion – Customer Service and Technical Support Representative

miguel-concepcion-formalHi, I’m Miguel Concepcion or you can call me Migs.

I’ve graduated high school and I took a vocational course which was AutoCad.

My first job was as a Cad Operator and that position only lasted for 6 months as it was a project-based assignment. My second job in an Electrical Construction Company was also as a Cad Operator – again for a set time period of 6 months.

After that I decided to get work in a call center. To be honest, I’ve struggled working in the BPO Industry because there’s a lot of things I needed to learn and adapt to a range of working conditions and client types.

My first account that I handled was “WellCare” where I worked as a Customer Service Representative. I remember my first week taking calls and most of our callers were elderly… and they tend to become quite irate easily, particularly when they can’t get the information they want or the answer is not what they want to hear. As I was a newbie at that time and my English verbal communication skills were not that polished yet, my callers often asked miguel-concepcion-vacationto talk to my supervisor/manager instead. After 3 months handling calls that account was transferred to another site, and I was also transferred to U-verse AT&T as a Technical Service Representative.

The customers I usually handled for this account were very interactive and they really needed to be because we need information and feedback to be able to troubleshoot and fix their problem. I’ve successfully worked in this position for 2 years and 9 months.
You should hire me because I’m hardworking, a fast learner, can work with minimal supervision and I have the skills and am passionate about doing any tasks that will be given to me – and this keeps me motivated and excited when working.

In addition, I’ll be working at home which I’ve wanted to do for so long and if you choose me for this role, I’m willing to work as your long-term Virtual Assistant.

For a copy of Miguel’s resume please click here.