Moises Garcia – Project Coordinator

moises-garcia-casualI am Moises Garcia, a proud transgender, and a goal-oriented person. I am originally from Quezon Province and but currently residing independently in Manila for almost 12 years now.

I have a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in Marketing. I am the youngest in the family. My siblings are now living with their own family abroad. I am a very talented person. I can dance, sing, and draw. Those are one of my sources of income when I was still in school. My dad passed away when I was young. My mum got married again and now has a family with her new husband. After my college graduation, I decided to move out of my hometown and to take on my journey as an independent person.

I did not find life difficult to be honest as I have a very strong personality and always believe that I will never fail when it comes to challenges. I landed my first job at Teletech Lipa as a Sales Representative. I have enjoyed my work a lot especially when I’m speaking with our customers. My happiness made me more excited to give the best that I can.

My performance was noticed by my managers who offered me to become a Technical Support and Sales Representative for Hewlett Packard. It was challenging for me because I was not accustomed to doing technical stuff, even when I was still moises-garcia-modelstudying. But I soon realised that I am very flexible. After the training, I was able to catch up with the technical terms and was able to work with ease. That was the time when I realised I should not limit myself and it pushed me to explore and discover more skills that I can be capable of.

I decided to move to Manila after staying in Teletech Lipa for more than 2 years. I worked as a Billing Specialist/Sales and a Telecom Technical Support in Manila. I also became a team leader with Acquire Asia Pacific. I enjoyed working in BPO industries and meeting different people with different knowledge, insights and points of view.

After those 2 work experiences in Manila, I got a job offer from Accenture Philippines as part of their Project Management team. That was the first time I worked with a Business-to-Business account. I can say that I became more responsible and I treated the business like my own.

I was able to talk to the onshore team directly and collaborate with the Program Manager and Heads. I became knowledgeable in Outlook, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint which I have never experienced from my previous jobs. I also became really good at email and phone handling as well as calendar scheduling and facilitating the meetings, creating a plan or process for the whole account for the operation improvement.

After almost 10 years of working in the BPO industry, I realised that I should not stop learning. As I grew older, I saw myself as someone who is more responsible and can work with less supervision. I made a big decision to leave the corporate world and get a job online where I can peacefully work in the comfort of my home. I got tired of wasting time dealing with heavy traffic, heavy rain and flood just to get to work. Rather than spending 3 hours on daily commute, I can use those times to be more productive with work and other things.

So now here I am, writing my story to be an online freelancer and ready to apply all the knowledge I have earned from my life and work experiences. To know the next level of learning and knowledge.

I always believe that giving your best to any company you work with will yield better opportunities in the future. Don’t just be a normal employee but own the business as if it is yours.

For a copy of Moises resume please click here.