Neal Yuson – Consultant, Customer Service

neal-yuson-profileHi, my name is Neal Yuson. I am a simple guy with humble beginnings. Ever since I was young, I knew that I have to work hard for me to make ends meet. My parents instilled in me the value of good education and the importance of self-reliance and work. I had to study hard so that I can have a scholarship since my family couldn’t afford the tuition fee. I am the second child out of six.

I took up BS Information Technology for my love of computers. And it also is a very relevant course to take nowadays since we are living in a very technological era. I came to learn that the computer has been a medium for people that are far-away. That’s why I’m so interested in outsourcing processes. And because of that, my jobs are all related to outsourcing.

I have an experience of two years for a BPO company as a Customer Care and Technical Support Representative. I was specifically assigned to an insurance company. Our main job is to help patients and members with their concerns in their insurances. This job taught me not only patience but sympathy for others. I even had to research current trends regarding neal-yuson-gardenhealth just so that I can relate better to the members. I also have experience in tutoring Chinese kids and teaching them English. Currently, I am broadening my perspective and skills by studying in Virtual fields.

I always love searching for things for I know that learning can always be done every day. I also am very curious about the trends nowadays. My work experience may not be as extensive as others, but I know that the years I’ve spent on my work has taught me perseverance. I make it a point to be of help to those I work with instead of just treating my job as a source of income.

I am excited to venture into being a Virtual Assistant. I’m willing to be a part of a team that can help me grow my skills and at the same time that can let me input my ideas. I’m willing to be trained and I will work hard – as I always have. I want to be of help while learning a lot of things.

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