Princess Joy P. Gomez – CSR and ESL Tutor

princess-joy-gomez-formalHi, my name is Princess Joy Gomez, and you can call me Cess.

I am an aspiring freelancer and I am not looking for just a long term job, but also to get out of the box and challenge myself to perform different kinds of tasks.

I am an Information Technology Graduate. A few months after graduating I worked as a Hotel Receptionist which is far away from my educational background. But that job helped boost my confidence in talking to people or guests of different nationalities.

When I got married I decided to stop working to take care of my family… but after 4 years I re-joined the workforce and became part of the BPO world. I didn’t have any call center experience during that time but because I studied how it works, I was able to pass all of the assessments.

princess-joy-gomez-outdoorsMy first call was a mess as everything was new to me. Later on, I was able to adapt to it and how it works and went on to develop a lot of skills.

I have handled technical support and complaints, and then became a subject matter expert. I was also up-skilled to billing and sales. I have a total of 6 years of experience in the industry.

Currently, I am working as a part-time ESL Tutor. I enjoy teaching kids and knowing that they look up at me as their role model. I also love writing poems, which is my way of expressing how I feel.

I would say, I have the ability and positive mindset to perform and complete the tasks you assign me in the most efficient manner. I also believe that one needs to think of the impossible, not only to challenge ourselves but because it will definitely help our growth and be effective with our work.

For a copy of Princess’s resume please click here.