Romulus Justin Paden Nuñez – Customer Service and Technical Support

romulus-justin-nunez-officeHi, my name is Romulus Justin Nuñez, but you can call me Justin. I am 29 years old, and a single father of 2 wonderful children.

I am an experienced Virtual Assistant with a demonstrated history of working in the outsourcing/offshoring industry. My skills are centered in Customer Service, Technical Support, Email Management and Data Entry. I am strong, determined and passionate.

For the last 5 years of my life, I have worked in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines both as a Customer/Technical Support Specialist and as a VA. I am a very experienced Customer Service Representative and I can perform in any forms of communication, be it over the phone, through chat or email. I have worked with the American telecom giant, Comcast, under their Xfinity banner for one year as a Technical Support Specialist and worked with a transportation company in New York City for 4 years as a VA that caters for Customer Service (over the phone and chat lines), Email Management and Data Entry works in which I honed my skills in being a VA, and I also did a part time job for romulus-justin-nunez-rideHR as a Data Miner and the last position I held was as a Sales Team Supervisor for a Home improvement company in the United States. It was mainly appointment setting and all I had to do was to monitor KPI’s in real time, make sure our daily, weekly and monthly quotas were reached, some coaching and do some phone time just to always be up-to-date.

Aside from being a VA, I spend most of my time with my kids and our dog going to beaches and having little picnics. Occasionally we go on rides on my motorcycle with some family and friends. I love the feeling of the wind blowing against you as you go, the silence inside your helmet that is only bothered by the sound of your engine roaring and the wind blowing. I also love riding out of the city centres, as they say, “The best views are on the roads less traveled.”

In conclusion, you can rely on me for any tasks and requests that you deem necessary. I am willing to go the extra mile for you, or you can say “miles” if needed! I know I have the right attitude in working and you would not regret having me as a VA. I can multi-task and I am adaptable to the client’s needs. Having me on your team is worth your time and worth every penny.

For a copy of Romulus’s resume please click here.