Roselle Miano – CSR and Sales

roselle-miano-vaHi! My name is Roselle Miano – but you can just call my Rose or Amber.

I’m from Samapaloc, Manila here in the Philippines. I’m a single mother of one and I live with my Family.

I have experience in variety of jobs in the corporate world before I decided to work remotely. Working in different workplaces, I experienced all of the challenges that you could throw at me! I have been a Brand Ambassador, Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, and Admin Assistant. I’m a quick learner and I believe I can do most of the jobs that you will task me with. I have to work for my son since I don’t receive any support from his father. I have to do it all by myself and get a little help from my parents. I don’t want to be reliant on my parents or pressure them as they are getting older.

Since I have decided to work remotely, I thought that it would be easier to find a job online. But it’s really quite challenging as many are looking for someone who has a certain amount of remote experience. I do hope someone will hire me based on my own work experience – roselle-miano-profileand I promise that I will work earnestly and make your life easier.

I want to work remotely because it’s easier for me to take care of my son while I’m working from home. And rest assured, I will still do my work properly even if I’m with my boy.

During my free time, I read and play with my son or go out to eat since my son doesn’t go out much. I like to walk around our neighbourhood with him so that he can learn things that he can’t be taught at home.

I do hope that you will consider me to work with you. Thank you for reading my story. I hope that we can chat soon!

For a copy of Roselle’s resume please click here.