Roselyn Busa – Customer Service Support

roselyn-absurda-busa-with-petHello, my name is Roselyn A. Busa.

I was born in Mindanao at Butuan City where the Balangay Festival is celebrated every May 19th of the year. My mother was a stay-at-home mum and my father was a tricycle driver. I’m the 2nd child of the family with an elder brother and younger sister. We used to live in a small “Kubo house”, so small that we had to sleep all together in one room.

I am an avid movie watcher and a fan of anime episodes. I love watching them during my free time. It always opens up an entirely different world for me. The thought is overwhelming how imagination and reality are somehow put together to create an entirely different effect on, and perspective for, people. I, myself feel great awe every time I watch a twisted story or see something I did not expect would be within the plot. What interests me the most is that I get to learn a lot from these movies. There are also lines that make an impact and make me think its definitely on point.

My dream in life is to become a Civil Engineer, look for a job that suits my career and purchase my own house with an expanse of lawn for my pets. On top of that, I always dream of helping random strangers and providing some charity to a poor family like sponsoring one of their kids’ education. Of course, my siblings aren’t out of the picture! I’ll help them first before helping anyone else.

In 2007, when I was in 2nd-year high school, my father died from cardiac arrest. Then in 2014, my mother died of stage 5 breast cancer. A lot of tragic circumstances took place and so we lost our parents at a very young age. But God’s not dead. He did not let us starve to death. My brother works in a wood company while I work in a photography business.

At the age of 22, I pursued college and decided to move out of the house to become a working student. But after a year in college, sadly, I had to stop because I was not satisfied with the compensation I received from working 8 hours a day – where I can’t even afford to buy my own bathing soap! After a month, I traveled to Cagayan De Oro City to look for a better opportunity and it was a good move, because I have been living here now for almost 3 years – happy and satisfied.

I believe that failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong. My motivation in life is basically my struggles. And every time and my persistence in learning has helped me to succeed. My life has been a roller coaster ride and I consider it my strength.

I remember when I started my job online, it was a nerve-wracking experience. It was an adrenaline rush – which was a good thing because I knew that something good would happen and learning is a major priority for me – aside from receiving a good salary.

I spent over a year with First Class Discount Air (now Airway Market). It was tough at first, but I managed to cope with the routine because I was excited each day about discovering what else I could offer the company that could increase their success and make me even better at my job.

Everything has a reason – and that reason includes whether you’ll succeed or not. That I guess makes me excited about everything that comes my way. I may not be able to recover what has been if something did not go my way… but tomorrow is a new day to win or lose. All I have to do is do everything that I can and make it the best experience, with no regrets.

After my contract in FCDA/Airway Market ended, I enrolled myself in a Freelancing Course which focuses on General Virtual Assistant Tasks. I was not satisfied with my experience as a Virtual Assistant in that ticketing company so I decided to explore more about Freelancing and right now, I’m happy to learn a lot about it. The more I explore the better I will become as a Freelancer as I don’t want to fall short of my clients’ expectations of me.

Whenever I feel tempted to give up, I always remember my WHY’s in life and get motivated all over again.

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