Russell Ryan Cataquain – Customer Support Representative

russell-ryan-cataquian-formalHi everyone! My name is Russell Ryan Cataquian, and you can just call me Russell.

I’m 31 years old and currently unemployed. I intend to apply for a work from home job since I’m not comfortable working on a normal office basis since there is a pandemic right now.

I took Bachelors of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, but sadly I was only able to complete the 2nd year level due to financial reasons. That’s when I decided to apply for work in a Customer Service Representative position back in 2013. My first company provided customer support for eBay UK. We would assist customers with their products listed on the eBay website. We assisted to make sure that the products or items they are selling are showing on the eBay page. We also provided support for when it came to billing and if there were problems with the transaction. We assisted them via live chat and email.

The next company that I worked with was SiriusXM where I gave support to customers if there were any problems related to their satellite radio. We assisted them with technical problems, billing and promotional offers. We would also upsell our devices upon which we receive some commission if we sold one. We provided assistance via phone, email and chat.

The most recent company that I have worked with is Microsoft Advertising. We provided assistance to our advertisers if there were problems with their ads, russell-ryan-cataquian-funsuch as compliance, as well as the position of their ads on the Bing search result page. We also helped them set up their ads, and of course billing since advertising is not free! We provided assistance via phone, chat and email.

Since I was able to share a glimpse of my experiences, I can say that I’m already experienced and I can assure to you that I’m versatile and very dedicated to work. I’m also the type of person who loves building rapport since I believe that every customer is a friend that needs my help. I love to provide help and this makes me feel that I’m very suitable for a customer service position.

During my free time, I love spending time with my loved ones and making fun times with them. I also love playing computer games since this makes my brain active and helps me explore more and also helps me make more friends. I’m a friendly person and I always make sure to make everyone smile.

For a copy of Russell’s resume please click here.