Santiago Apao – Administrative Assistant

Santiago-Apao-vaHi, my name is Santiago Lou Bueno Apao. I am 28 years old and happily engaged with my future wife. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Theology. I’m quite the “make a lot of friends ‘ guy, I want to know more people, to make friends with them, to make memories and share life with them. In terms of job experience, I have a lot. Even though my parents raised me well with a good life I still have that feeling of inferiority inside our family. My parents have a really good job, my sister is a professional teacher and me? I guess I am the black sheep of the family.

It took me 8 years to graduate from college, jumping from one College to the other. Feeling left out because all of my batchmates already graduated and they are having the life that they wanted and look at me, nowhere to be found. Feeling lost but those things never stopped me from pursuing my dream to be one day a successful guy who can lift my head high and say life will never be too late if you just keep on trying and never surrender, don’t worry you do not alone keep in mind that God is always with us. The only person who will never judge you and will always get your back, just trust Him and He will guide you.

Santiago-Apao-vaThen one day God answered our prayers by owning a restaurant, we managed to save up and build our own business and see if we will gain success there. Yes, definitely we had success, we are located near a college campus and yes people love our food, we manage to put a name for ourselves and be known not just for the food but for the service that we are giving. Sad to say we only reached one year since the pandemic came, we lost everything but still God is in control. So my partner and I made a backup plan to go back to work and save up money and pay for the debts that we had due to the pandemic. So, I managed to work as an administrative assistant in the Department of Education Regional Office 7 for a year, and since I now have the additional skill I am looking for a job that will surely help me grow as an individual as a Virtual Assistant.

This is my story and I am looking forward to gaining and achieving success with you.

For a copy of Santiago’s resume please click here.