Sherri Ann L. Jimenez-Salazar – Administrative Assistant

sherri-ann-salazar-formalHi! My Name is Sherri Ann Jimenez–Salazar. My friends and colleagues call me She, Sherri or Ann – any of the three is fine with me, not a biggie! I am 30 years old and born in Manila, Philippines. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing but only had a year of experience working in a hospital. It may sound funny, but my heart belongs to something else (career-wise).

I am married with no kids as yet, but hoping in God’s perfect time my husband and I will have a family soon. Life is not easy and many challenges may come but I know that if we have God as our center, nothing is impossible. We are both planning our future which led me to explore new adventures and one of them is working from home.

Some of my hobbies are dancing, cooking and playing badminton. During my spare time, I also watch NetFlix movies either alone or with my husband. I am fond of browsing the web and watching vlogs about travel, fashion, home decoration, and DIYs.

I’ve been working for more than 5 years now both in the BPO industry. I was once a Customer Service Representative sherri-ann-salazar-swimmingthat handled cable and Internet service, hospitality service, healthcare account and even discussing bills, you name it! Hahaha! I really love communicating with people, I guess that is why I chose not to pursue my nursing career because I believe that my therapeutic abilities are based on my communication skills and not through medical devices, diagnosis or medication treatments.

Aside from working as a Customer Service Representative, I worked as an administrative assistant as well at a known condominium in Makati wherein I handled unit owners and tenants. It was fun, but the pay wasn’t enough to support my family’s needs. I decided to go back to the BPO industry.

I worked as a Customer Service Associate, assisting guests and owners in their listing/reservations. After more than a year, I was promoted to Global Compliance Officer validating access to each employee all over the world. I also check for any possibility of fraud. I was exposed to using Microsoft Office, Google Sheets and exploring the web.

I truly believe that I will be a great addition to the team because aside from my work experience. I am hard-working, efficient and I value my job more than anything else. I’m not stopping myself from learning. I often watch tutorial videos to add more skills and knowledge that I can use for future tasks.

Again, my name is Sherri and I am excited to be with you all! Thank you!

For a copy of Sherri’s resume please click here.