Sneha Raut – Web Development and WordPress Specialist

Sneha Raut WordPress Specialist
Hi my name is Sneha.

I live in Kelva-Mahim, a small coastal village along the coast of Maharashtra, India.

I am the youngest sibling in the family. I have a brother who is 2 years elder than me. He is an Assistant Manager for marketing (media) “maxan Global tech inc” on residence operation basis. He is the most responsible person in my family and extremely talented. My Father is a farmer and my Mother is a homemaker.

About my education…

I attended school in my village, where I was an ideal student and always worked to be perfect in everything. My grades were always A+ and I consistently scored 2nd or 3rd in our class. I was not only good within academic endeavours, I also actively participated in extra curricular activities. I attended my high schooling in Palghar City.

I had decided to take up science as my subject for graduation, however due to the financial limitations of my family, I could not opt for engineering. Finally, with the help of an education loan I enrolled to study for a Bachelor of Science in IT. It was 3 year course, and the commute to college was about 50km one way. The frequency of available transport was very limited in our area, so I did not have the privilege of enjoying after college hours of hanging out with mates! My days were filled with study and travel.

After I graduated with first class grades, I was ready to conquer the world, make some money and fulfill my dreams!

However the reality was a bit different from what I had expected. Being new in my field I had challenges finding a job. The pressure of paying back my education loan was mounting, so I had no choice but to take the next available job irrespective of the job profile.

My first job was Academic Delivery Coordinator with a leading institute of computer programming, “NIIT nguru”. It was at this employment I developed a keen interest in web technology and started pursuing it. At the right time an opportunity knocked at my door. I was able to grab an on-the-job training position in a website development startup. I learned about website development using the WordPress platform for a year. I now had the title of WordPress Developer. To further enhance my skills, I changed to a bigger company which had larger exposure and a higher number of clients. I’ve been involved with this company for 3 years and my knowledge and skills have grown stronger. And my experience now allows me to handle unexpected situations and adapt to handle them.

I am a dedicated and disciplined person. I take my work seriously and you’ll find me committed to the jobs assigned to me. Being organised and timely is what I value the most.

I hope this gives you a brief insight into who I am.

For a copy of Sneha’s resume please click here.