Jech Alexander Jose

Jech Alexander Jose - Encoder, Technical Support Representative Hi! My name is Jech Alexander Jose, but my colleagues call me Alex. Being a father at an early age is not an easy task. Particularly going to school on the weekdays and helping taking care of the baby at the same time! It was hard finding ways to sustain our [...]


Myrna Escalante

Myrna Escalante - Customer Service Representative My Name is Myrna but people used to call me Myra because of the famous vitamin, Myra E. They can remember it more than my name so since it's not really so different, I just allowed them. I have a very challenging life journey... I am an adventurous person. Let me start with [...]


Bliesha Mabasa

Bliesha Mabasa - CSR, Real Estate Hi, I’m Bliesha! Most of my friends call me Bless, so I am Bless. I am a college graduate of Computer Science. I almost didn't finish college due to financial incapability. I started to work early at the age of 17 while studying at the university. My first job was in a hardware [...]


Arvin T. Prudenciado

Arvin Prudenciado - Social Media Management and E-Commerce Hello, Vin here from Cebu City, and this is my story (well, some parts of it). Growing up, I thought that there was just a linear path one’s road could travel. I thought that a vivid vision of oneself can be attained just because someone predestined you to be such. Graduate [...]

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