Kayla Brizini Gepielago – CSR/TSR, Sales

kayla-brizini-gepielago-profile“Struggle now. Hustle later”

My name is Kayla Brizini U. Gepielago. My family and friends call me Kay most of the time.

I took up Bachelor of Science major in Tourism Management. For two years, I learned a lot about other places and their cultures through presentations that helped me understand them better and loved them even. Sadly, I wasn’t able to graduate because my parents got separated, so we had to face a lot of problems, including our finances. Since my brothers had already settled life with their own families, I had nowhere to go. Since I love staying up late, I thought to myself it would be clever if I could earn and gain something from it. I decided to look for a job and entered the BPO Industry.

I was hired as a Sales Representative where we assisted our customers in processing their orders from our catalogue. For a first timer, I got to be the top seller of the month where I received some incentives. My role changed to Technical Service Representative where we assisted customers in fixing their mobile phones, internet, cables, and giving them a plan that best suited their needs and their budget while also giving them the best customer service experience. Being patient, enthusiastic and consistent all throughout the day made me ‘The Voice’ of the company for the year.

All the knowledge and learning that I got from these experiences made me stay in the industry for a year, still happy and contented. But the day came where I was hospitalised and was advised by the doctor that working all night was not good for me anymore because it was weakening my immune system. That made me sad because I had no choice but to resign from my job in the BPO industry, but that didn’t stop me from living my best life.

Since I’m used to sleeping all day and staying up all night, working at home will be a challenge for me but giving up is not in my vocabulary. I decided to be an Online English Tutor. You can expect that my English skills are exemplary. I learned how to plot my schedules on my own, manage my time, and coach my teammates every week to do follow ups with the students. Being an Online English Tutor, I enjoyed assisting clients while taking care of my dog (a bully) and sharing my knowledge with my teammates.

kayla-brizini-gepielago-fur-babyMy expertise are:

– Google Excel
– Google Docs
– Google presentation
– Calendar
– MS Office
– Administrative Support
– Technical Support
– Customer Service
– Time Handling
– Coaching

Right now, I’m not the best Virtual Assistant “yet”, but I’m looking forward to having a client-Virtual Assistant relationship with you. With my consistency in being enthusiastic to think outside of the box, a happy-go-lucky attitude, and easy to work with, I can be an asset to the team – a person who values trust, respects others and where providing excellent service is my utmost priority.

For a copy of Kayla’s resume please click here.