Zharie Mae Q. Coderes – Digital Marketing and Copywriter

zharie-coderes-portraitBorn in a competitive environment, I was raised to explore and discover my versatility in different fields since I was a child. I like trying various things until I discover my potential and what I’m good at. Being the eldest in my family, I’ve always wanted to be a good example to everyone. I want to give what I can in order to make them happy. I believe that my family’s happiness is my happiness as well and that’s why I strive for more!

Finishing my college degree in just a year, I’ve already garnered different experiences in different industries – a barista at an international coffee shop, a school journalist since elementary assigned in various categories, an editor, a freelance blogger and writer for different websites, a copywriter for small businesses, an event organiser, an ambassador, a part time virtual assistant for a US-based client, a content writer turned to digital marketing associate in my first corporate job, a social media manager of our company’s business accounts, not to mention I can perform administrative tasks as well. I know that learning never stops at school and I want to explore my capabilities in the real world.

One day, I thought of being a grain of sand on a beach just like others striving for their own. I need to have an edge from others in order to survive and not just be the “ordinary” grain. Having experienced being underestimated, being a ‘student only’, I strive to have my own identity. It’s never easy to take a big leap to make a huge difference but my baby steps will soon lead me to the success I’ve dreamed of. Being a working-student makes me a good asset as I keep on learning new things every day in all aspects which I can apply both at work and school. This would provide me with the ideal opportunity to share and apply meaningful insights for the improvement of both, and to expand my skills.

I am the type of person who always sees the good in everything. Every problem must have a solution and every decision should have backup options.

This is a piece of my story and I would like to be part of yours. I hope we’ll grow together!

Thank you so much for your time.

For a copy of Zharie’s resume please click here.