Aleksandra Thomas – Executive Assistant and Marketing Specialist

Virtual Assistant Aleksandra Thomas“Who is this Aleksandra Thomas???”

I was born and raised in Eastern Europe, in the time of inflation and war in my home country. Despite this, I remember my childhood as a happy one, thanks to my incredible parents.

As a teenager, I started volunteering for various nonprofits and startups and was quite a “social justice warrior”. I co-founded my own nonprofit at one point, with the goal of raising awareness of human rights violations, equality of the sexes, and promoting peace in the post-war country.

During those times I have learned a lot and retained some valuable skills and life lessons.

Three years ago I decided to take a huge leap of faith and move 5000+ miles away from home, to the USA. After finally getting my work permit, I was able to apply for jobs.

I realised that with being a new mother and not wanting to commute hours to and from work, I should look for remote jobs. It was super challenging and took a long time to be successful – mainly because I didn’t have much experience with distributed teams. After some time and over 200 applications later, I was given a chance to intern at a startup offering travel programs to digital nomads.

After that, various other doors opened up for me!

“Okay, so how are you qualified for my company and my team?”

I have over 3 years of Customer Support experience in-person, via email, social media, instant messaging, phone and video. I come to you with another 2 years of Administrative experience, working in-office and remotely, supporting small businesses and startups.

Digital marketing and outreach are one of my most recently accrued experiences. I took an opportunity to be mentored by a co-founder of a startup on every digital marketing process. I scheduled social media and blog posts, created content, conducted market research and created a marketing strategy in collaboration with the team. I was, shortly after, promoted to Outreach Specialist, as my ability to research, reach out and form meaningful business and client relationships was recognised. I built the entire department solely based on my extensive research.

I have a high level of EQ. I easily connect with others and I am always willing to help and bring new ideas to the table. I appreciate and acknowledge constructive criticism, as it helps me grow both professionally and personally. I am honest and will provide honest feedback. I have strong organisational skills and my time working remotely has taught me valuable time management skills, as well. I am accustomed to working long and “odd” hours, working within a globally distributed team across multiple time zones… and I thrive in this kind of environment.

I am results-driven and constantly work on improving my skills with the goal of improving and growing the company. I love working within teams and, no matter the nature of remote work, I am always ready to collaborate, help, motivate, take initiative, and listen.

My experience and my attitude are absolutely the reasons why you should consider me for your VA role. But not only that; I have a genuine love for people and helping. I have always striven to help others any way I can and I see this career path as one of the ways to do just that.

For a copy of Aleksandra’s resume please click here.