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Aileen Joy D. Montemayor

Aileen Joy Montemayor - Finance and Marketing Hello! I'm Aileen, a skilled Virtual Assistant. I graduated with a degree in Financial Management. I may not come from a rich family, but I have the motivation to reach my goals. I am the eldest in the family, and because of that, I feel like all the pressure and hardship is [...]


Karla Franceska E. Canto

As I am not quite sure what you chose, therefore I cannot say if you got it right or wrong, so I am saying it anyway. The answer is number 2!! For some reason and I know it is not common, but I don’t like chocolates or anything with chocolate in it or on it. I guess I just don’t like the taste. Weird? But true. karla-franceska-canto-travelI am very organised when it comes to almost everything, I tend to go overboard with my obsession for orderliness and cleanliness. However, I think I can use this to my advantage as it is very useful when it comes to work. I am very used to having everything planned out. I like having a clear list of my tasks and even giving myself time-frames to ensure that I stick to a certain schedule or goal I set for myself.


Rocaya Coven Kapina

Hi! My name is Rocaya Coven Kapina. You can call me Ro 🙂 From General Santos City, Philippines. This is my Story 🙂 During my school days, I had to double up my part time job and work hard to support my studies. I worked in a Convenience Store before my school start and worked a few hours at the School Library after school. On those days, I learned how to value time and how to keep my job.


Luishann C. Look

My name is Luishann Catamco, born and raised in Zamboanga City, Philippines. I used to have a happy life with my parents, siblings and my two aunties. However, things took a detour when we found out that my father had a mistress. My parents separated and that’s where all our struggles began. I was left without a choice but to study and work at the same time. I worked at a fast food chain as one of the service crew, a sales lady at a boutique and became a freelance promotional girl. Life was tough for us, but luckily we have our two aunties who are always there to help and support us. I was in my third year at university when an unexpected miracle came into my life – I fell pregnant. In order to take care of my baby, I decided to stop studying for a while and become a full time mum. I wanted to be with my baby all the time, but I knew that it’s my responsibility to give her a good life. I decided to pursue my studies again and eventually graduated with a degree in Bachelor in Physical Education.


Liis Kupits

I am an Executive Assistant who can work in all levels of an organisation. I have worked in fast paced virtual environments – managing general business, diaries, and personal financial data. I can process accounts, perform reconciliations, and even prepare for annual audits. I’ve taken care of press releases, planned and managed corporate events, and been in charge of Social Media output. I’m confident, personable and fun to work with, and I’m fluent in both English and Estonian.


Kristel Dianne N. Arce

I am an Administrator, Customer Service Representative and Sales Agent. I have worked in a wide variety of environments from billings in print media through to customer care in the hotel industry. I have handled sales, billing complaints and even performed tech support for customers in the IT industry. You’ll find me dynamic, resourceful, and more than capable of building strong relationships with clients and helping you to achieve your organisational goals.


Aleksandra Thomas

I am an experienced Executive Virtual Assistant who has performed a wide variety of roles – from Customer Relations and General Administration right through to Payroll Officer. I co-founded the Wake Up Club when I was a teenager – a nonprofit to raise awareness of human rights violations and equality. So I understand, first-hand, the dynamics of running an organisation and the various roles needed.