Olivia Prosser – Executive Assistant

olivia-prosser-candidI first became accustomed to remote work during university, when I completed my degrees online and with self-study. Being a self-starter, I was able to quickly establish a pattern and system for working independently and seek support of my tutors when I needed help. I realised during this time that I had a knack for research and writing as well as organisation, and organisation. I’ve always loved being able to help others by providing support and helping to solve problems, and it was with this realisation that I decided to become an assistant.

After graduating from my BSc in Politics and International Relations, and my MA/LLM in Diplomacy and International Law, I entered into the non-profit sector, initially in a legal services organisation, where I was tasked with administrative tasks working with the team and pro-bono lawyers, such as creating and organising client record systems, and assisting with calendar management; as well as research tasks to assist with the legal cases of refugees. I came one step closer to my dream position when I began working as an Executive Assistant and Operations Manager, reporting directly to the company Founder and Managing Director. I was responsible for everything from organising his calendar and sending emails, research tasks, organising company processes and systems, and being the go-to contact within the company to assist with general matters.

As this role became increasingly remote, I realised my enjoyment of working remotely had not faded at all since graduating from university, and I still wanted to olivia-prosser-profilehave the flexibility to work in a way that maximised my productivity and efficiency. A must when I am working is creating and referring to lists and brainstorming ideas and solving problems using mindmaps.

I also have a love of travelling and being able to take my work with me when I am abroad. I have lived and worked in Australia, Hong Kong, and the UK. I have also spent time in Thailand and Malaysia and can’t satisfy my desire to explore new places and find a nice coffee shop to sit in while working from my laptop. As such, I have worked with diverse groups and individuals from all over the world, which is something I feel I can never get tired of.

I am always happy to help in a given situation, with my determination and stubbornness not to quit or give up until the best possible outcome has been reached with a situation or project. As someone who loves to learn and take on new challenges, with each new role, I find that I can gain a new skill or experience which ensures that I can remain flexible and open-minded in my thinking.

For a copy of Olivia’s resume please click here.