Kristine Lea Rafin-Alvarez – Customer Service

kristine-lea-rafin-profileHi! My name is Kristine Lea Rafin-Alvarez.

I am a graduate of AB Psychology. After college, I struggled looking for a job because most of the institutions where I tried to apply for declined my application because I didn’t have at least a year of experience being a school guidance counselor. That’s why I pursued my studies instead and took several units in education. After my short term course, I worked as a school teacher for three years in Saint Anthony Montessori. I handled pre-elementary and elementary students and taught the English language.

Teaching is indeed a rewarding career, it may be a little challenging but an experience that I will always cherish. My students brought out the child like behavior within me and helped me become closer to them as we learned new things day to day. I was even offered to extend my contract but then I had decided to push through on a new career opportunity because I wanted to explore other potentials that I have for me to grow professionally.

I then worked as online telemarketer at home for First Data Merchant Services. A totally different path from what I chose to take. As an online telemarketer, I called different merchants based in United States and offered fax machines to them. In case merchants are having difficulties to pay the product in full amount, we offer assistance in loan processing for as long as the merchant shows good credit standing.
I was enjoying what I was doing when all of a sudden the United States faced economic struggle way back in 2012. So the owner declared bankruptcy.

Soon enough I was able to work as a Customer Support Representative at Convergys and handled two different accounts. First was with Direct TV, I was a kristine-lea-rafin-vaBilling and General Information representative then, I learned how to go over the billing cycle date of an existing account and be able to explain in detail how it works to avoid confusion to the subscribers. An additional task that I had was to offer a soft upsell towards the subscription plan of the customer. After being with Direct TV for almost two years, I became a part of EBay North America Sell. I learned to assist members to list their items for sale, processed shipping and assisted the members to resolve the return and refund concerns. With all these work experiences that I was privileged enough to experience I can say that it brought out the best in me in terms of excellent customer service. The BPO Industry has been my comfort zone and that is why it is the field that I would always want to go back to as my profession.

Customer Service made me better in terms of conveying the message to other people. It also opened my eyes to being observant, resourceful and a team player whom anyone could always depend on. I enjoy talking to clients as much as being able to resolve any concerns that they may have.

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