Aileen Joy Montemayor – Finance and Marketing

aileen-joy-montemayor-profileHello! I’m Aileen, a skilled Virtual Assistant.

I graduated with a degree in Financial Management. I may not come from a rich family, but I have the motivation to reach my goals.

I am the eldest in the family, and because of that, I feel like all the pressure and hardship is laid on my shoulders. I’ve had many ups and downs in my life, but here I am right now, telling you my success story.

There are some points in my life that I tried to buy and sell everything. I took part time jobs that are not in line with my degree just to earn money. But one day, I discovered the world of online jobs. I started training and learning skills that might help me with my job. At the moment, I have some seasonal and part time clients that I work with. I am earning well enough and that’s something that I am very proud of.

My experience in working as a Virtual Assistant is so amazing. I learned a lot along the way and I’m still learning up to this day. It may not be easy to find a full time job online, but I promised myself that I will be a successful virtual assistant for the sake of my family and for financial stability.

I believe I have solid background as Finance / E-commerce / Personal / Executive Virtual Assistant for 3 years. I worked with CEOs and Executives in the past 2 aileen-joy-montemayor-profileyears. I am responsible for managing emails for business communication, creating reports, organising meetings, business trips and events, book keeping and accounting, web advanced researching, social media management, phone and chat support and admin tasks that require using MS Office and Gsuite.

Right now, I am working to develop and enhance my Financial Management degree while mastering my skills in Virtual Assistance. I will improve and learn new skills to help the company and myself to grow professionally.

I have this kind of attitude that I can do anything and everything. For me, nothing is impossible.

To my future clients, we can grow together and I will do my very best to fit in with your company. I hope to work with you soon.

Thanks and have a great day ahead!

For a copy of Aileen’s resume please click here.