Ma. Kristine Lou Sayson – Administrative Assistant

ma-kristine-sayson-formalHello! My name is Ma. Kristine Lou F. Sayson, but you can call me Chiqui. I live in the Visayas region of the Philippines, particularly in the city of smiles, Bacolod City. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Nursing. After graduation, I immediately took the board exams and luckily passed it in one take. I soon worked in one of the top hospitals here in our city as one of their staff nurses. Working long hours in the hospital and getting a very low salary has prompted me to explore other career opportunities and I ended up in the BPO industry.

During my time in the BPO industry, I have learned new things that were far away from the type of things that I used to do in the hospital. Answering inbound calls and doing outbound calls, troubleshooting, making tickets, and much more. It was such a fun experience and really something new for me. However, fate made a drastic turn on me and I got pregnant with my child and became a single mother. I wanted to provide everything for her and the salary in the BPO industry could not just sustain both our needs, so this event paved the way for me to enter the world of virtual assistants.

ma-kristine-sayson-vacationAs of today, I have been working as a virtual assistant for more than 5 years now. I once worked with a startup company based in California and Utah. This company helped me learn new things like doing SEO, research analysis, creating quotes and tickets, using Zoom and Slack and so much more. I also am trained with email marketing and research analysis with an Australian employer. Then again, I have acquired new skills including lead gathering and listing, social media management, bookkeeping, administrative works, I also serve as a human resource specialist for the company.

I might say that through the years I have been working online, I have made myself very flexible for the various tasks required of me. I have also used many applications and Softwares to make my work easier and error-free.

My client’s satisfaction for my work and confidentiality of tasks have been my priority. I am committed to work hand in hand with someone who would want his/her business to grow and flourish.

For a copy of Kristine’s resume please click here.