Ryan Flores Villareal – Customer Support Representative

ryan-villareal-profileHi! I’m Ryan Flores Villareal, Rhye for short.

I have 2 siblings, the eldest is working at a BPO company in Manila, while our youngest brother is still studying.

I started working at an early age. I was a service crew of McDonalds PH in our city. It was indeed a nice and tough experience knowing that I was a working student at that time. Time flew by and I was able to graduate after 6 years in college and earned my degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. However, I was not able to pursue a career in this industry because I needed to earn money right after graduation to support my family.

Then I started looking for a job and I ended up applying in a BPO company. That’s when I started my call center journey. I was hired as a technical chat/phone support for a financial Software (Quicken). It was not easy at that time as I didn’t have any experience on the said field. I still remember how my hands froze the first time I got a live chat, but little by little I was able to adapt to the environment and started to enjoy it. Up until now, I still enjoy serving customers with a smile and make them feel ryan-villareal-workthat they are valued.

After working in a BPO company, my fiancée and I started a small business. It went fine in the first year, however, as the market started to change, the business we started was no longer sustainable and we ended up closing it. After we closed the business, I tried looking for new jobs. While browsing through Facebook, I saw a post from an online freelancer telling about his journey working online. That’s where my curiosity started. I started looking for a job online, however it was not that easy, the competition is totally different. Four months have passed and still I was not able to get a job online given that I have the equipment needed to set-up a home office. I told myself, “maybe work from home job is not for me” so I decided to go back to BPO company again.

I am always ready to learn new things and grow more in this kind of field. With my experience, attitude and reliability, I know I can do it.

Now I am trying my luck again to work online and maybe there’s a sweet comeback for the 2nd time.

For a copy of Ryan’s resume please click here.