Alvin Natividad – Customer Service Specialist

alvin-natividad-formalHi, my name is Alvin, and the majority of people call me Vhinz.

I took up a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a Major in Social Studies. I am an experienced Customer Service Agent, Quality Analyst, Subject Matter Expert, Supervisor, and Escalation Management Lead. I have been in the BPO industry for 12 years now.

Starting as an agent, I have developed a passion for working hard and putting my 100% dedication into solving the needs of the customers. Having said so, I was fortunate enough to leverage these skills and apply for a higher position. I was promoted as Quality Analyst after 2 months of experience in taking in regular outbound calls. I am currently, the Escalation Management Lead which handles escalated calls and client-facing tasks. I was given the Client project to handle and was a success since up until now, the portal is still being utilised and loved by our agents.

With my tenure in the company and the BPO, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in MS office applications and reporting, etc. It was alvin-natividad-swimmingmy friends who kept encouraging me to join the VA industry since I’ve shown dedication and passion – they would always say that I am the “Go to person” when the deadline is about to happen. Also not to mention experienced with dealing with all the types of people from all walks of life.

I was fortunate enough to be nominated and selected as a Global English Region Team Leader for 2019 and got the chance to visit the City of Zagreb and Dubrovnik in Croatia as part of the Summit. I am a huge fan of the ‘Game of Thrones’ series so you can imagine how elated I was seeing where the actual shooting takes place and where those leads stars were walking.

I am a bit obsessed with photography and I love photo editing, hiking, and reading books.

Thanks for reading my story.

For a copy of Alvin’s resume please click here.