Ann Marie Retuerto – Customer Service Representative

ann retuerto csrHello everyone, I am Ann Marie. I am 30 years of age and a single mom of one. There is no greater joy than to see my Kyrus live a wonderful and happy life and I am beyond blessed to have him. All my hard work and sacrifices are for him and no matter how challenging and hard life will be, I can get through it because of my son.

Going back years ago, I envisioned my dream job as booking flights for customers while researching my own at the same time… plus I get to discount my own trips and adventures. Who would not love that job?!!! I spent a year there and needless to say, I developed some very marketable skills. I mastered sales, customer service and other travel bookings.

I loved every minute of my job but I had to go home to Cebu for some emergency reasons. I went home with a heavy heart because I had to leave the job that I had been dreaming about most of my early life. But I did not leave empty handed for I acquired very useful skills there.

Those skills have become handy because my next job was with DELL and XBOX. It is a multinational computer technology company. It manufactures, sells, repairs and supports personal computers, servers, computer software, cameras, printers and electronics built by other manufactures. I was with customer service and technical support. There were endless challenges and rewards. I was very dedicated in my work that after a month of taking calls, I finally had the break I had been waiting for… I was promoted as Case Manager, handling case management. I got to meet with clients, talk with them and understand their needs.

ann retuerto vaI dealt with people who are in difficult situations, offering advice and figuring out what kind of assistance they needed most. I loved that job.

Then Kyrus happened. 🙂 My miracle baby that I kept praying to God that he would overcome the illness he had. I needed to stop working and focus on being a full time Mum to my little man. During this time I thought that the love between me and my partner would last a life time but I was wrong. He left us.

He left me with a newborn suffering with lung injury, respiratory and metabolic asidosis. My little man was diagnosed with Broncho Pulmonary Displaxia – and he was in the Intensive Care Unit for a month and oxygen-dependent for six months. All of my life savings were gone. And it was a battle I never thought we would win. I was beginning to lose hope but seeing my little man fight gave me all the more reason to continue. Now he is 3 years old and I would do anything for him.

I believe that if you accept me to become part of your company, we will both benefit. I am passionate about giving my best to the task at hand and I would be honored to be part of your team and take advantage of every opportunity to grow, develop my skills, and help your organisation grow while being near my son.

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